Monday, July 25, 2011

Good news on abuse of 'disability,' one of the great scams of our day

Anyone working in social services or medicine (well, anyone with half a cerebrum and some rational thinking capacity mixed in with their compassion) knows that the disability system in the US is completely out of control.  We routinely see patients who say, when queried about their disability, 'well doc, honestly, I don't know why I'm on disability!'  Which is fine if you've had a serious head injury or stroke, but if your complaint is 'injured back while using chain-saw,' maybe disability is a little generous.
So, here's some light in the darkness:
Hallelujah!  But if review, reform and a general purging of the disability rolls occurs, look for masses of the pitiful disabled to riot in the streets, throw flaming walkers, drive their little rascal scooters through police barricades and run angrily through the streets over which they were previously borne by ambulances.

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  1. LOL, Ed! In my world, ADHD is a disability so severe that mom must receive money from the state. I have children in my practice who in no wise are disabled whose parents are anxious to get them on SSI